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Media Magic, LLC is a full-service social media and film production firm that specializes in development of training and promotional videos. The company writes, edits, and produces commercials, public service announcements, training ads, and online videos. The company travels internationally to produce, promote, and distribute videos, film, and online programs.



Aaron Yarborough

Aaron Yarborough is the Owner and President of Media Magic, LLC, a full-service video and film production company headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA.  He is worked in Canada and throughout the United States on creative and technical multimedia projects, including training videos, feature films, and live action sports events for CBS Sports, NBC Comcast, and Fox Sports. Aaron has worked in numerous positions to learn the craft of film design and production: Director, Producer, Second Assistant Director, Location Scout, Location Manager, Production Assistant, Camera Operator (Live Sporting Event), Key Grip, Special Effects Assistant, Lighting Manager, Audio Technician, Craft Services, Actor Liaison, Teleprompter Manager, and Researcher. Aaron has managed production crews, including wardrobe, makeup, and props departments. Aaron’s camera experience includes using the Cannon-C300 , Cannon-C100,  Red Epic Weapon, Sony F-55, Arri Alexa mini, and Panasonic-HMC150P.

Aaron has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and Media Studies from Old Dominion Univeristy. When not working on film sets, Aaron can be found in the center of a large crowd of friends laughing.



Linda    Cramer

Linda is a Certified Federal Contracts Manager with over 25 years experience in contracts administration, cost tracking, and business development. Linda has managed contracts valued from $100,000 to $90,000,000.  Linda teaches courses in state, local, and federal government contracting, as well as proposal development.

In her free time, Linda enjoys spending time with her friends and family,  while creating outdoor art.

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