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Star Labs Motion Capture

Star Labs Motion Capture

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Media Magic was the Director and Producer of a 90-second commercial used to promote Star Lab, a state-of-the-art motion capture facility founded by the University of Maryland. The video featured the facility’s 40 Vicon cameras and 40 x 42 feet facility.



Media Magic developed the budget and production plan. We managed all aspects of the entire project, from how creative the project should look to completing the project in a timely manner and under budget. We created the shot list and call sheet detailing every aspect of the commercial, including how long each scene would take and how to work within the time allotted and the parameters for using the facility. The production crew consisted of an Editor, Director of Photography/ Videographer, and Associate Producer. The crew worked with the talent to ensure effective demonstration of facility features and potential uses by the government and public. We created the script to satisfy the client’s objectives. This commercial was eventually used to sell the facility for over $1M to Texas A&M University.

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