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Dupont Sustainable Solutions

Media Magic, LLC has supported DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS), the global operations consulting arm of DowDuPont Specialty Products (DSS) division. DSS creates customized learning and development solutions to help clients worldwide mitigate risk.

Media Magic has supported development of eight (8) multimedia training videos (e.g., slips and trips, ladder safety, physical pinch points, foreign matter/nuclear reactor safety). Crew jobs in Canada and Virginia have included First Assistant Cameraman, Production Assistant, Special Effects Production Assistant, and Production Researcher. Media Magic’s First Assistant Cameraman worked next to DuPont’s Director/Director of Photography to ensure the camera setting ran properly for each scene. The job included pulling focus on the camera to guarantee the subject/actor was clear in frame, ensuring production ran smoothly and on time. The First Assistant Camera position was required to select and change lenses at the discretion of the Director. The Production Assistant worked alongside DuPont’s Producer and First Assistant Director to manage the location and work with location site managers. Media Magic helped coordinate the talent through wardrobe selection and changes, prop selection and handling, and contract signing. We managed talent, wardrobe selection and appearance for each separate training video task. We managed the actors from green room to set, maintaining a craft services section while organizing breakfast and lunch every day for cast and crew.

The Special Effects Production Assistant took direction from the Production Designer, building background sets, selecting props based on the content required, maintaining the props, and setting the set to specifications to create the atmosphere the Director desired.  The Production Researcher worked with Project Managers to locate information on causes of failures in training, specifically in regards to why trained employees had accidents that resulted in injury and death.

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