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NASA X is an Emmy Award-winning half-hour television program and video-cast developed for NASA Langley Research Center. The program broadcasts on over 400 stations in the U.S. It airs on DIRECTV, cable, iTunes, Hulu, NASA Television, and is available on certain aircraft as in-flight entertainment. The program is consistently one of the top downloaded programs on The videos and program are created around NASA technologies.  NASA X introduces viewers to cutting edge science, technology, engineering, planetary exploration, aeronautics and space exploration.

Media Magic supported filming and production of NASA Eclipse, a 4-to-6-minute multimedia program.  We provided a Camera Operator, Production Assistant, and Researcher to support this project, working at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, VA, and the NASA Goddard Space Center in Greenbelt, MD. The Camera Operator was required to be technically proficient on operating the Panasonic AG-HMC150 camera and gear required to film. The Operator worked alongside the Director of Photography to ensure the camera framing of the subject/talent met his specifications. The Operator also assisted in lighting the scene and talent. The Researcher conducted interviews with NASA Astrophysicists under the supervision of the show’s producers to clarify issues contained in the script.

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